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Referee Courses
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Advanced Clinic - Grassroots Referees 
This is an in-person Advanced Course for Grassroots Referees who wish to officiate adult amateur matches. Referees must be at least 17 years old at the time of registration.
Advanced Clinic - Regional Referee 
Recertification for Regional Referees (Formerly grade 5/6)
Grassroots Recert Online 
This course is for those Grassroots Referees (formerly grades 7/8/9) who wish to recertify and DO NOT plan to officiate in any sanctioned adult amateur leagues. If a grassroots referee wishes to officiate adult amateur matches and is at least 17 years old, they must register for an in-person Advanced Course.
Grassroots Referee Entry-Level Clinic 
This is the entry class for those 13 and older. This class focuses on rec and competitive youth play. There are MANDATORY ONLINE SESSIONS (will 5 hours) and a CLASSROOM/ON FIELD session. The online sessions MUST BE completed and passed in order to attend the one-day, in-person session. PREPAYMENT IS REQUIRED! Refunds processed only upon request and a $20 administrative fee will be deducted. This can be avoided by transferring the registration to another available clinic.